DipSize - Ring Guard / Ring Size Reducer

DipSize - Ring Guard / Ring Size Reducer

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DipSize is clear liquid plastic that you can dip the bottom of your ring into. It coats the bottom of your ring in fast drying clear plastic! Dip as many times as needed to achieve the desired size reduction. A ring size reducer that solves most of the issues found with conventional ring guards.

Simply dip your ring then hang it on the included hanger for 20-30 minutes between coats and about 6-8 hours (overnight is good) before wearing.

DipSize is very smooth, reasonably durable and does not allow moisture or dirt between the ring and the ring guard. It is by far the most comfortable ring sizing solution. Multiple coats increases durability.
It can be removed by peeling it off; multiple layers may require cutting with a razor knife and peeling it off.
Also great for joining two or more rings together as an alternative to soldering. Simply bind the rings together at the top with thread or a binder clip then dip. A ring sizer and joiner in one!

The DipSize jar contains enough for several applications to a ring and to size several rings. A DipSize treatment usually lasts 3-6 weeks of normal wear.

To get the best performance and shelf life: Be sure to wash your ring with dish soap (non-lotion). Rinse well and dry completely. After washing, use the enclosed cleaning wipe to ensure all oils, lotions, and soaps are removed.

Close the cap tightly when not in use to insure that the DipSize stays fresh longer. DipSize can be thinned with Naphtha or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Keytone), both are available at most hardware stores.