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PERFECT! I bought the Ring Noodle because my new engagement ring is a little too big. Before applying the Ring Noodle my ring would always slip off my finger. With the ring noodle slipping has not occurred. It is comfortable and hardly noticeable.


Just what I needed for my thin wedding bands. Have lost some weight and needed something to help keep it in place. No more sliding off my finger. It's perfect!


I cannot believe I did not get this sooner! I had been using metal bridges from the jewelry store but those are very short term and would get dirty. What I like about this is that although hard soap will get stuck of course, you can easily remove it and clean it off. Nice product and good solution.


These are very helpful for wearing a ring that has to fit over large joints.


My engagement ring is a bit loose and spins on my finger without the wedding band next to it, so I figured I'd try these things out. They are clear so they are not obvious on the ring and smooth so they are comfortable. I just ordered three more packages!


Great solution for rings that are a little too large. It was convenient to have three different sizes in the packet so I could have a custom fit on various types of rings. I plan to buy a set of medium and wide for my rings with wider/thicker bands. Soft, pliable, comfortable and easy to install and remove.


One application and our worries about losing a ring vanished. Great product and well worth the small price!


These Ring Slinkys work exactly as shown! I love them! Excellent packaging and immediate shipping!


So much better than a metal or rubber guard. Easy to use, adjustable sizing by just adding more, and comfortable with no cutting into the ring finger. Easy to add and remove. Perfect!