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RingSlinky - Ring Guard / Ring Size Reducer

RingSlinky - Ring Guard / Ring Size Reducer

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RingSlinkyRingSlinky is a ring size reducer that is made of coiled nylon, perfectly designed for making your, too large ring, fit.

Traditional metal ring guards are installed using tools, they often scratch the surface of the ring, and are best installed by a jeweler.

RingSlinkys are hypoallergenic and do not retain moisture when you wash your hands. They are easily installed and removed (without tools), yet stay on the ring very well. They are clear (no color). They do not cause damage to the ring.
They can be used to hold wedding sets together.

RingSlinky is easy to install. Simply slip one end over the ring and twist it onto the ring.

It is also easy to uninstall. Simply pull one end from around the ring and unscrew it from the ring.

Please measure the width of the bottom of your ring with the MM (metric) side of a ruler, then choose the size RingSlinky that is slightly smaller than your ring’s measurements.

You can cut you RingSlinky shorter if they make your ring too tight using a razor knife.

Slinky is available in 6 sizes based on the width of your ring shank, and come in packs of 3, 6, or 9.

US Patent Pending.

RingSlinkys are American made!

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